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August 18, 2017August 30, 2017

Orphan Appeal

Orphan Appeal

Help us support Orphans Worldwide. 

Millions of children around the globe are without both parents and more without one. These are the most vulnerable members of the society and at the risk of all ills and evils. They are alone, without food, shelter or clothing and without any kind of protection and care.

Tender of age, they are both physically and mentally vulnerable. Often out of school, subject to exploitation and trafficking, their lives turn into hell. Hungry, frightened and lonely, these children are in need of help, desperately.

War, strife, poverty and increasing ills of the world are rendering more children Orphans. Each day their numbers only keep adding making the situation more desperate.

It is the lack of their education and fostering that is making the situation worse. As these innocent lives face a life of hardship without proper education, many are forced to take up evil ways. Supporting them with proper education for a bright future is one of the main thrusts of our mission.

With this in mind, Humanity Help is currently running the Rasti School of Excellence as a part of its Educational Project. The school employs latest methods of education and enrolls orphans, poor and the needy. It is Pakistan’s only Institute of its significant kind that provides completely free education to orphans, the poor and needy. The aid covers, fees, uniform, books, transportation and all other school related expenses.

It is time that you help at least one of them now! (You can Sponsor them with your Zakat, Sadqah or Kharat)

$ 1000

Campaign Target


45% $ 550 to go

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