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Education for Peace

Education for Peace

According to the teachings of Islam, it is the basic right of every Muslim man and a woman to get education. It is an imperative part of the mission statement of “Humanity Help” organization to work for Education for the cause of peace. Infect, it was the sole motive which led to the creation of this organization which has now multidimensional policy to work for humanity serving.

Theory of Education for Peace

It is a predicament of current era that most of the third world countries are facing turmoil and disturbance through their internal and regional affairs. The economies are down and due to low income people do not have sufficient resources to educate their children. It is another bitter reality that these children are being used for illegal activities. Humanity Help’s mission statement addresses this issue with a privilege. They have formulated a solid plan to promote free of cost education in those troublous areas all over the world. This will also enhance the impression of Muslims as peace lovers.

Quality Educational Institutions

“Humanity Help” planed to maintain high standards of education to make a child valuable and responsible citizen of the society.

At first step towards its goal, the organization will set up schools to provide basic education. It will create awareness for the importance of education and people will be encouraged to get higher education.

Humanity Help is a newly established organization which currently has limited resources and the organizers are working hard to get the best results out of it. The organization is trying to arrange educational facilities in areas and locations where maximum numbers of children can get benefited.

Technical Education Institutes.

A skilled man never sleeps hungry. The organization has also have plans to open institutes for technical education for both men and women. This will certainly enhance number of skilled and educated people in the society. Those skilled persons can serve not just for their families but also play their role in development as a whole.

Women which are half of the total population can also perform in much resourceful manner after getting technical education.

Student’s Sponsorship Program

“Humanity Help” has also introduced a student sponsorship program through which people will be invited to support a child for his studies. The organization will ensure that the donated money is truly used for the education and support of that child. Through this program at one side a child will get assurance for his secure future and on the other hand the donator will also get proud feeling while supporting to a noble cause.

Importance of Women Education

An educated woman means an educated family and ultimately an educated society. “Humanity Help” is aware of this fact and giving its all-out efforts to play its role for women education. There are comprehensive plans to open educational institutes specifically for women. This step is taken for the conservativeness in most of the Muslim states.

The organizers are very confident that results of their efforts will soon be emerging in reality.

Completed Projects

This newly established organization is trying to work at a rapid pace. It is the result of the commitment and hard work of the organizers that dreams are becoming reality.

A girls school has been established in Pakistani city of Sahiwal with the name of “Rasti School of Excellence”. ‘Mai Rasti’ was the name of the mother of Sufi Saint ‘Hazrat Sultan Bahu R.U.A’. The school is established in collaboration with another humanity serving organization “Hazrat Sultan Bahu Foundation for World Peace”. It is an English medium school which is now operational and girls are getting free of cost education in it.

Some of the projects are under construction and also in the planning stage. It is just the beginning of a long journey for a noble cause and “Humanity Help” is committed to meet the challenges with your help and cooperation.

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